No More Faking


My swatches are done and the Jack Frost looks tired.  These swatches are for the second session in the finishing-skills workshop series tonight at Circles.  (There's still time to register. Give Allison a call if you're interested.)  My seaming skills are far from what you might call "good".  Sometimes I think I could do a better job with a stapler than with a tapestry needle and strand of yarn :-).

When I see mattress stitching like Amy's, I have finishing envy.  She did a beautiful job on the side seams for her sweater.  Way to go Amy!

Well, I have fudged and faked it long enough; time for me to do something about it. That's why I signed up for this workshop.  I figure if Allison can teach me how to resize a pattern using my rusty old algebra, then she can also teach me how to make an invisible seam.  She's got her work cut out for her, let me tell you.


I think my seaming leaves much to be desired, too. Sometimes I think I might as well whip out the sewing machine and forget about making invisible seams.

Me again - I just noticed your "technical assistance" section on your sidebar - very cool! Hope you don't mind, but I copied your idea on my blog. :-P

hi there! i wanted to answer your question that you had in my blog comments about the ruffles scarf. i bought some highland collection peruvian wool from (at a steal, i might add!) and i used the shade "russet." it wasn't bad to work with, considering how cheap it was!

thanks for your comment on my blog!! :)


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