Never too old for a Handknit

Does my grandmother rock, or what? Grandma made sure that I didn't leave without a few handknits to take with me.  First, there were new mittens in this zany variegated colorway.  (I think I have a striped afghan with this yarn in it.)


Then, these new slipper socks.  Yay! 


I love these socks for padding around the apartment at night; they're so warm and comfortable.  I've had several pairs which I completely wore out.  Grandma used to make these for us grandkids, so she's either resized the pattern, or there's an adult size out there.

Bring on the winter weather, because I'm ready!


Hi, Colleen, I am french. I've just read your comment on Sophie's blog, and ran to visit your blog. I love it. You are now in my fav links!


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