More Sock!

[Unless something changes with the weather and road conditions, I can't imagine how I'll make it to Knitsmiths this evening :-(.  Shucks!  I was really looking forward to going.  I miss you guys :-(.]

Thank you everyone for indulging me by reading post after post about minute progress in sock knitting.  I am thoroughly enjoying this project, and I appreciate your comments and encouragement, especially as I approach the heel.

The ribbing is finished:


I like the very subtly spiral effect that is developing with the purple.  It's not too obvious, and I worried that I'd get no striping or other sort of pooling in this yarn.

Of course, I'm not the only one blogging about socks.  Go look at the wonderful vertical stripes that Julia has in her latest knit.


WHAT...NO KNITSMITHS? help me, i'm snowbound with a 2 year old. we've already made pancakes and played with every toy in the it too early to teach her how to knit? here in brookline, i have 6-8 foot snowdrifts...what's up in JP?

lovin' how that yarn knits up!

Are you gonna be another "feet on the table" girl ? Let us see your finished sock ;-)

Welcome in the club of knitting of socks in this moment in France there is a very contagious disease which makes rage, the rising sock. There is full which flowers the blogs. Holds is very beautiful I love the color of wool

Ahh, nice to know that someone was sensible about Knitsmiths. I thought about sending an email, but thought, no, common sense will prevail. But I guess if anyone was brave enough to go out (if the Booksmith is even open), they get the "dedicated Knitsmith" award. There is always next week...(I will be stuck in NYC)...great work on the sock! I'm not in the sockalong, but decided to try one in Calmer--you have to try it! It's so...floooshy (fluffy and gooshy)--very soft!

Dude, I so can't wait for you to turn that heal!

They look great! I literally JUST started my first pair of socks today - also a 2x2 rib. I'll be looking forward to your progress as I'm still aways behind you. I've got about 21/2 inches of rib so far. Again, they look really, really nice.


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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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