More Cardigan (or Virtual Knitsmiths)

While the snow was flying outside, my needles were flying inside.  It was because of that snow that Knitsmiths was canceled (I know that's the way Americans should spell that word, but "cancelled" looks so much better to me.) yesterday, so consider this post as a substitute for my weekly fix of knitting and gabbing.


It was a productive afternoon, and I am ready to shape the armhole.  I like this part quite a bit.  There's always lots to do, binding off, decreasing, measuring, etc.  All of those knitting skills coming together to make that important sweater feature: the armhole.

The anticipation is killing me.  I'd better get knitting!


hi colleen,

i'm in sleeve land too!

the photos on my blog post were taken outside my boyfriend's house in allston, on a side street just off allston street near brighton ave.

stay warm,

i hoofed it up to coolidge corner after spending 3 hours with all of my neighbors taking turns digging out our cars...walked right up the middle of harvard ave. knitsmiths was indeed "cancelled" as you predicted and so i hit upper crust and had a beer and a for the really strange news...STARBUCKS WAS CLOSED! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? great progress on the cardi...i'm going over to circles on wed. night...see you there?

Hmm. I've always spelled the past tense of cancel with two L's. And usually I'm a pretty good speller. I'm just a regular jenyus! haha!
Love your cardi!


I like armhole shaping keeps your mind busy..and you know your getting to the end. Thanks for the nice comments to my Blog!


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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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