Lookie Here!

The box was sitting on my chair when I arrived yesterday morning.  Finally!  It's my yarn that I ordered two weeks ago from Herrschners.


This was my first mail-order experience with the company.  I am completely spoiled by the stellar service I always receive from Lands' End, and my perspective may be slightly skewed by that.

It took ten business days for this yarn to arrive.  That's a long time.  Herrschners offers a rush service, for $7.00 additional.  I could not, however, justify a $17.95 shipping and handling charge to receive the yarn in three business days.  So, the choice was to wait a long time, or to pay more money.  I chose the wait over the additional cost.  That was my choice, and I acknowledge that. 

We're only talking about yarn here, so a long shipping time is nothing but an inconvenience to an impatient person like myself.  Maybe I complain too much.

Other than that, my experience was fine.  The colorway matches the swatch in the catalogue and on the website.  The catalogue swatches are small; the website offers the opportunity to pull up a larger swatch.

Would I order again?  Only if the price was fantastic I couldn't find the yarn locally (both conditions were met in this situation).  I would not depend on the company as a substitute LYS.  I noticed that Herrschners carried Addi Naturas, which I cannot find locally, so the next time I'm shopping for needles (and I can wait two weeks) I'll order.


ooh, Sikroad Aran - always worth the wait!

It is very nice yarn! What are the plans for it? As for long shipping times, I wait and wait for things, but if they don't come immediately I always see them as a bit of a surprise when they do come! Oooh, lookie here!

that's gorgeous yarn - i love the color. i'm working with some jo sharp for the first time, but it's the summer soho stuff. it's awesome! very silky and smooth.

i think 10 days is very long, too! i appreciate that mini-review you gave for herrschners. i haven't ordered from them before, but at least now if i do, i know what to expect!

I've never ordered from Herrschners, but I've heard other people talk about how long it takes to get stuff from them. Glad the yarn finally arrived! I'm impatient, too... I currently have two knitting-related orders somewhere out there in mail-land. I can hardly wait for them to arrive!

Love the color! Waiting to see what you think - I was just eyeing this yarn on-line yesterday. The socks are very nice too - pretty, subtle colorway.

nice yarn - haven't ordered from Herrschners in years because they take so long - I see they haven't improved - makes you kind of wonder when everyone else out there is doing a great job of shipping things fast! Have fun with the yarn!


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