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My knit-along hostesses probably think that I'm a big slacker.  Not a single post about anything knit-along related has appeared on this blog since I joined.  Well, even though things seem to be jumping at the Very Long Knit-Along Sock, that one doesn't officially start until 15 January.  I'm safe there.  The Men-in-Hats Along is another story.

Well, Madalyn, today I have something for you!

Let's put the cardigan to the side for a few days.  It's not misbehaving, I just need to look at a different yarn for a while.  My Classic Elite Gatsby was patiently waiting to be knit.


At Knitsmiths today, I started Dad's hat.  With Matt's hat I confirmed that my gauge changes when I knit in the round.  I noticed it in previous knit-in-the-round projects.  No matter how much I checked my gauge with a flat swatch, the finished project would always be bigger than I expected.

This time, instead of swatching, I simply measured the gauge of Matt's hat.  Sure enough, I went from 3.25 stitches per inch in my flat swatch, to 2.75 stitches per inch in the finished object.  That's a whopping half stitch per inch!  No wonder I was having sizing problems.

We'll see if I get more exact sizing this time.


Woo hoo! I can't wait to see the finished product!

i like that yarn, my dad would love the colours...i'm embarassed to say where i am in the knit-alongs i'm supposed to be participating in. especially because i've signed on for more. (woo hoo long socks!)

I haven't even swatched my yarn for the very long/tall sock. What's the hurry? We start on a Saturday! We'll be done by next Wednesday. You're perfectly safe.


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