If the comments I received (either on this blog or in person) to my first post on the subject are any indication, quite a few bloggers are also handheld owners.  Some of you are newbies to the world of handhelds, like myself.  I'm curious to know how all of you are applying your PDAs to your knitting.  Has anyone downloaded the knitting applications from  Has anyone created a different program or system for yarn, pattern, or needle tracking?  Would you care to share it?

I've done a few things Palm-wise since my first post.  With the Memo function I created a list of patterns I'd like to knit in the future (with yarn requirements, and gauge information) and another list of the yarn purchases (which, as you may have read, is becoming surprisingly long).  With Excel, I started a simple spreadsheet for my needles.  So far, these are simple solutions that work for me.

I've created a new sidebar link section: "Knitting Resources for your PDA".  It's just below the "Technical Assistance" section.  You can see the links that I have.  If you have addtional ones, please let me know.  I'd love to add them.  Of course, if you do contribute, you'll receive full credit as the source.


Wow, thanks for posting those resources! I'll check them out. I totally love my Tungsten E even tho I don't take advantage of it as often as I should. I mostly now just use the memo functions to keep lists of my needles, mags and books so I don't buy duplicates. And I have a memo titled "pre-stash" where I keep track of yarn requirements for patterns that interest me but are down lower on the to-do list, just in case I ever stumble onto them on sale...

A Palm for Valentine's Day? Hmmm I sure do love the ideas you have for yours!!

I had no idea those knitting resources were available for PDAs! I need to get a new memory card for my Palm before I can download them, though.

I feel a little bit out of my depth ! I shall be following what you do/discover very closely.

I downloaded a trial of YarnLog (I think from, but after playing with it for a few minutes I decided that it's not really what I wanted. I would love a copy of KnitAble but it's out of my budget (I'd rather buy yarn, lol).

What I have done: set up a knitting category in my memo program. I then listed several patterns I am interesting in making, each in it's own memo, and within the memo I noted the recommended yarn, yardage, gauge, & needles. For one that was simple (the Sophie bag from MagKnits), I actually cut & pasted the pattern text, so that I have the pattern with me. I may do this with a simple mitten and/or sock pattern as well.

I also downloaded a free program called Handy Shopper, which is designed for grocery shopping but may be useful for yarn shopping or inventory...I need some time to figure that out.

I plan to set up a database in MobileDB to keep track of my needles. And maybe, someday, my stash. ;)

And I plan to download some photos of my completed projects, and maybe some pics of potential projects as well.

I love my new toy!


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