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As much as I like Vogue Knitting's latest, I'm also looking forward to receiving the next edition of Interweave Knit.  When I look at these things I'm in a would-I-knit-this-for-me mindset (selfish I know).  Take a look (if you please) and see what you think.

Here's what I'm putting on my Possible Knits list (held on my Palm, of course).


This (for Matt, or my Dad):


More socks (if I finish the first pair):


Finally, thinking ahead to summer (ah, summer):


But, if I'm planning  something like this, I think that I'd rather make Madeleine from Marta.


Colleen, I could not believe my eyes as I read this... *lol*
Thank you!

Heh - I should make the Madeleine just because of its name!

All of them are great! I'm looking forward to that IK too. I saw quite a few things to add to my ever-growing list of wanna-be projects. thanks for the link to Madeleine, that's a very cute top. i was also pleased with the Vogue Knitting. Some fun stuff! Happy Knitting!

I'm totally looking forward to that brioche stitch sweater. Though I worry it might be too warm..looove it though. :)

HA--the photos you posted from IK are the ONLY four things I liked in the whole preview. Definitely those socks. And that vest is awesome too. The brioche sweater is quite interesting although I will probably not make it. I like the Madeleine design from your link. I have a similar Debbie Bliss pattern that I may make in the future. Great blog--this was my first visit:-)

Thanks for the heads-up on the preview! Great looking stuff.

(And I love your Koigu socks - so pretty!)


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