Half-Way There!

I'm half-way though the bottom of the cardi front (By the way, is it "cardi", or "cardy"?  I've seen both.  "Cardi" makes more sense to me, because the word is the first two syllables of "cardigan", and "cardy" would mean "like a card".) 

I've knit this piece so many times it feels like an old friend.  Maybe the third time really is the charm, because it's been smooth sailing so far.


Compared to sock knitting, these needles feel huge, and every row makes noticeable progress.   It's a nice break for those times when I tire of the small needles.


According to the evidence in the OED, cardigan is variously abbreviated as cardi, cardie, and cardy throughout the English-language world. The sources (mostly British) seem to indicate that the form cardi is by far the most common. I note with interest that the noun cardigan is named from the Earl of Cardigan, who, in addition to favoring "a knitted woollen over-waistcoat with or without sleeves," apparently did well in the Crimean war during the 1850s. I suspect he did not knit his own cardis.


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