Final Sale!

The Wild & Woolly sale was actually quite tame :-).  I arrived in Lexington at 7:00 on the dot, after braving the morning rush on 128 (People do that every day! It amazes me.)

There were lots of interesting bags on the sale floor (literally, the sale bags were on the floor) but I managed to stick with the one that said "Knit me!" the loudest:P1010031_2

15 balls of Tahki Yarn's New Tweed, in a sky-blue colorway.  I'm planning a warm sweater in spring colors (maybe one of these, from the back cover of the latest Vogue Knitting).  It will be perfect for those early spring days when the calendar says "Spring!" but the thermometer says "Nope, winter!"

Alison and Shannon were much more creative with their purchases.  I hope that they blog about their plans for the new yarn, because I can't wait to see the results.


that's a great idea - to knit a pretty blue tweed sweater in the grey, dull winter!

Great yarn choice. The color would be fabulous knit up in that Vogue v-neck cable sweater.


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