Dad Wants a Hat

My father saw Matt's hat over the Christmas weekend, and he wanted one for himself.  So, I took his measurements, left him with yarn-buying instructions, and he and my mother went off to WEBS.  They delivered this to me on Saturday:


It's more of the Classic Elite Gatsby that I used for Matt's hat in my second-choice colorway (well, it was a second choice for me, Matt never had any doubts about which colorway he wanted to use).


So, I have another chance to knit with this lovely, soft yarn, another opportunity to work with a pattern that I enjoy, and an excuse to join another knit-along.  Good deal!


I saw you have Ann Budd's book down there - she's WONDERFUL. My sister, who doesn't knit at all, works at Interweave and tells me the best stories about all the great people there...I just live vicariously through her.

Gorgeous yarn! He's going to love the hat. :)

Where can I find a copy of that hat pattern? I've seen it everywhere, but no link to the pattern.



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