Dad Gets a Hat

I think my dad likes his hat:


What do you think?  Dad was a very good sport and instantly agreed to pose for a big picture on the front page of the internet (as if....)  What a guy! 

This was my knit for the Men in Hats Knit-along, over at Madalyn's.  I'm finished!  Even though I knit this hat the same way as Matt's, I used about a third less yarn.  That means that there's enough left over for a scarf, or matching mittens. 

My dad selected the scarf :-).


Cute, cute, cute! Love a dad in a handknit gift!

What a great sport Dad is! What a thought! The subway knitter page as the FRONT PAGE for the internet! :)
Hat looks great. Hat looks great on Dad. Dad looks happy! what more could a knitter ask for??
Happy scarfing!

very cool hat. great yarn. love those flecks of color.

very cute and funny hat. Your Dad has the very happy and charmed air of your work

Your daddy looks a lot like my daddy! (must be the mustache and glasses)


What an awesome hat!

that is a perfect hat and suits him...thanks for the pic. hope to see you sunday?

What a cutie dad...made even cuter with the hat. Great work.


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