Blocking Madness!!

I don't know if I can top yesterday's exciting unveiling of a sock heel, but I'll try.

With the completion of the right front of my cardigan, the knitting portion of this project is complete.  Yippee!!! [That's a little exciting, right?]

As any knitter knows, the knitting is only one part of process.  Blocking and seaming remain.


Last night I washed and blocked the cardigan's pieces.   I laid out the body on my homemade blocking board (thanks Dad!), and I used a towel for the sleeves.  I'm blocking only to flatten the pieces, not to enforce a size on them, so no pins are needed.

You know how everyone says to wash your gauge swatches before measuring?  Well, I should have done that for the cardi.  These pieces grew and grew!  Good thing that I knit this sweater slightly smaller than my actual size.  I had a hunch about the growing. 

Okay, no, I actually didn't have any hunches whatsoever.  I got lucky.


Over-sized cardigans are the best kind anyway! Good Work!

hey, that's looking great! how'd you make your homemade blocking board? that's ubercool and sure does beat my bumpy table top.

i agree with melanie - oversized cardigans are scrumptious! have fun with the rest of it!

your cardigan is almost finished still an almost finished project, congratulation. Your method of blocking is very amusing, the plan is very well decorated red and white it is very pretty. Good work.

Your blocking board is really clever! I've just started the back of my Ribby Cardi (late to the party, as usual) so I really enjoy seeing how other people's cardis are coming along.

I hope you have a great weekend!

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and I love your blocking board! I'm about to start Ribbi Cardy so I'm in the market. Did you make yours or purchase? Details please!! :-)



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