A Scarf to Match

How can this scarf be the season's first?  What have I been doing all winter?  Using my leftover Classic Elite Gatsby, I'm making a scarf for my Dad to match his hat.  As per usual when I make a scarf, I'm worried that this one will be too narrow.  Then again, I don't want it to be too wide.  I think this will be okay once it's blocked:


I'm very pleased with the way the bold lines of the mistake rib seem to highlight the yarn's tweedy-ness.  This is nice, big, mindless knitting for the subway.


I love Gatsby, I keep trying to find an excuse to add it to my large inventory of tweedy yarns. Someday I'll succeed ;)

I am making a mistake rib scarf for myself in black Catalina 100% baby alpaca. I love the mistake rib scarf, don't you? It is so easy and mindless while I watch TV.


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