A new place to KIP

My neighborhood has a new café that opened a few weeks ago, Java Jo's Coffeehouse.  I love to sit with a nice cup of coffee, watch some people, and knit a bit.  What with the holiday rush, I didn't get a chance to stop by until last night.  Well, I'm pleased to report that it's a good environment for café knitting: good lighting, nice music, friendly staff, and clean tables.  Even better: it's on my walking route home from the subway station.  I'll be a regular customer.


I have the second session in Circles's finishing workshop series on Wednesday, so I needed to get a few more swatches prepared.


Where is this?! I love new knitting places..

Oooh, I love that photo! Excellent composition. Looks so cozy. :-)

How is that Circles class? I could use some tips on finishing.

That really is a good photo.

that is a cool photo. coffee shops and knitting go hand in hand.

Where is Java Jo's? I know someone was thinking of starting a SnB at one in Quincy, but I found two addresses on the web!


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