Wonderful WEBS

So Grandma and I jumped into the car and we were off to WEBS, where, I must say we cleaned up.

My grandmother picked up two bags of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, one bag in colorway 614, and a second in colorway 101, each at a steep discount.  I can't wait to see the sweater.

In case you haven't been to WEBS in a while, the store has changed quite a bit. 


The sales floor has just about doubled in size, the pattern area is much more spacious, and the warehouse is packed with even more yarn.  In fact, there was one room off of the main floor which we didn't even enter.

After my first WEBS experience, I learned to go in with a plan.  I had a list of a few likely projects, and all my yarn purchases were for those patterns.  I didn't stray into any spring or summer knits, even though I was tempted by some Silky Wool in a deep purple colorway.

Within minutes of arriving I had some half-price Koigu for my first sock project:Koigu

I bumped into Amber, who had a lot of interesting things in her basket.  I hope that she blogs about them.

Then, I found a lovely colorway of some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed:


I have enough (14 balls) for Giraffe, or Rogue, but I think the yarn is too tweedy to show off Rogue's cables very well.  We'll see what this yarn becomes.

Then, some of good old Cascade 220 to make myself a hat and some mittens to match my Madison Coat:


Finally, because I loved Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, I picked up the first volume: The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns


Just leafing through it quickly, I can see that it's full of basic patterns that can be adapted and modified as desired.  This is a handy addition to my pattern library.

Let the Winter of Small Projects begin!  I'm prepared.


Awesome purchases! Half-price Koigu?! Wow, that's definitely worth the drive. I love that you went with your Grandma. :)

what a great gift, gift certificate to webs...was that from matt too? a knitting expedition with grandma...nothing better than that. are you going to do a magic loop sock? i'm going to take the next magic loop workshop at circles...she's only charging $7 for 30 minute instruction...crazy

hope you had a great holiday! lb

Wow!!! What great catches. You are gonna love that book. I have it and knitted my first vest with it. Very user friendly.

Cool stuff. I'm thinking I might have to stop in there on our way back to Boston on Saturday. The doggies will have to wait in the car. ;)

oooh, I had that cashmerino in my basket too, but ended up leaving it for the cascade tweed instead. Decisions decisions.

wow, cool store. i have to get up there one day. great buys!


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