Tuesday Contentment

P1010003_2Ah, so this is what it's like to blog in daylight :-).  I've made a little bit of progress on the back of the cardigan.  This yarn lives up to its name; it feels soft, and it's softly twisted.  Contrary to what you might imagine with a lightly twisted strand, my needles do not get snagged, nor is the strand very splitty.

This will be a very simple cardigan, which is okay with me. Everybody needs a simple, neutral sweater that goes over everything.  The buttons will be the focal point of the cardi when I get around to choosing them.

In an attempt to console myself about the lack of cables, I'm guessing that this yarn may not have held a cable well, anyway.  The yarn's slight shimmer gives the stockinette a touch more depth, and adds interest to the piece.  A cable pattern might have overwhelmed the shimmer, so I'm glad that I'm making the most of that effect with stockinette.P1010009_edited

This sweater is knit at five stitches an inch on US8s.  Even though the yarn label claims that I can get four stitches per inch with US10s, I can't see how this yarn would look its best if it were knit at such a loose gauge.  It doesn't feel like a bulky yarn to me.  Then again, I think most yarn looks best when knit slightly denser than the label's recommendation. 

Between the calming color of this emerging cardigan, and the instant gratification of my mini-hats, I am one content knitter.   What more can you ask for on a Tuesday morning?

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