Sweater Tuesday

Leftside I was able to get a lot of knitting done on the cardigan during the Christmas weekend.  The left front is finished, except for the button band.  The catalogue photo (remember, I'm trying to model my sweater on this one from Lands' End) shows a ribbed button band.

So, the plan is to knit a K2, P1 ribbed strip about three-quarters (or perhaps more) of length it should be, then attach it to the left side.  By stretching the band when I attach it, the ribbing should stand out more.

I'm sure I'll have to experiment a little bit before I find the right length for the button band.  I'll let you know.


Looks great. I hope you're writing all these details down so you can share the pattern with us afterwards! ;0)

I'm so impressed that you are able to use a catalog photo to design a sweater - it is looking great! I'll bet you are learning soooo much as you go along, too! Have fun. :)

I'm anxiously watching your progress....

So smart to knit the button band separately. I wish I'd done that with my pink cardigan. It would have prevented the gaps I think. Ahh, always learning. Way to go with the quick progress.


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