Sweater Progress

Take a look at this.  According to CNN, we mini-knits producers are on the cutting edge of gift-giving trends.  Yep, you read that accurately the cutting edge.

Shocked?  So was I.

Hey, remember the cardigan?  Sure you do.  I haven't let that fall by the knitting wayside, no-sir-ee.  Although I don't have much progress to show you, I'm up to the armholes.

ArmholeTook a few tries for me to get the decreases the way I wanted them to look.  If you look at the sleeve decreases of the Lands' End sweater (and you can click on the larger view to zoom in), you'll see that they're very decorative, almost swirly.  To me (and anyone can correct me if my thinking is wrong) it looks like the sweater was designed with several series of right-leaning decreases on the left side (and vice versa).  I didn't want the increases to be so prominent as the catalogue sweater.  Good thing too, because I won't have enough decreases to establish a pattern like that.  Instead, I moved my decreases one stitch in from the edge.  By doing this I emphasized, just slightly, the location of the decreases.

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