Saturday Sillies

This guy needs a hand-knit sweater.

I'm starting something new at Knitsmiths this weekend.  Oh happy day!

Last night, however, I realized that I have a yarn crisis on my hands.  I don't have enough of the Softwist to make the BPT that I've been carrying on about.  Talk about silly....

Never one to dwell on the negative, an opportunity now opens to knit BPT with Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed, as mentioned to me by Maggie .  I've seen the Aran Tweed, but didn't buy any because I didn'tP1010001_2 have a project in mind for it.  Now that I do, I'll keep an eye open.

What about the Softwist?  It's getting lonely in the yarn cupboard :-(.

How about Giraffe, from the current issue of Knitty?   That cowl will be perfect for chilly days, and the gauge even works.  Grab those needles, it's time to swatch.  Wait just a minute.  The yarn in that pattern is 152 yards per 50g.  The Softwist is 132 yards per 100g.  Giraffe in Softwist would weigh a ton.  Nope!

[Imagine this going on through several tentative patterns.  Either the gauge or the yarn amount was wrong each time.]

What's a knitter to do?

Fear not, dear reader.  There are other sweaters up my (ahem) sleeve.  Last spring, at WEBS, the oh-so-creative Jill whipped up a pattern for me with The Sweater Wizard.  It's a simple crew-neck cardigan, and I can share it here because it is not copyrighted.  Hey, what would be wrong with that?  Nothing, that's what!

Lesson learned: buying yarn "on spec" is not a good idea for me.  It's better to flag potential patterns, and buy the yarn as I come to knit them.


It's Knitsmiths tonight, instead of Sunday, and we get an extra hour.  Who-wee!  Pack those knitting bags; it's going to be one crazy time.

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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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