Santa was here

Yup, the Big Guy stopped by a little early last night and left me this:


Boy, that Santa, he sure knows how to keep a knitter happy.  Dana had one of these at Knitsmiths a few weeks ago, and Matt just happened to stop by, and well....  Couldn't be a connection, could there?

I've promised myself that I won't dig into the calendar until 1 Jan, and then not too far ahead.  I'm curious to see how many of the patterns are keepers.

Enjoy the day, and I'll be looking to see what other Knitbloggers find under their trees.

Full disclosure about the tree in yesterday's post, it's my parents' Christmas tree, not mine.  They did all the decorating.  Isn't it beautiful?


Hey, I got that calendar too. We'll have to compare notes each Sunday as we go through the calendar together! :) Hope you're having a lovely holiday.

I'll be interested to hear how many of the patterns are keepers, too! Hope you're enjoying the holidays.


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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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