On Frog Pond

It's quite wonderful this time of year.

P1010023_1Yep, my knitting and I took a stroll around Frog Pond yesterday.  I ripped out the cardigan I started on Saturday.  Early in the fall I'd seen this sweater in the Lands' End catalogue (whatever a "mock neck" is--there is a collar).  At the time I thought that I could knit something like that, instead of buying it. I'd forgotten about it until Tuesday night--when I leafed through a new catalogue and though "Oh, right...."  P1010029_3

Just as I finished ripping and rewinding, the sun broke through the clouds and bathed the yarn in a golden glow, confirming that I'd done the right thing.

P1010030_2I've got a few rows of the new ribbing done (K2, P1 ribbing, instead of the knit-all garter) and I'm happy.  This second chance is also the opportunity to attempt creating a selvage to aid in seaming.  I have consistently forgotten to do this.  There are, I think, a few different ways to do this; I am casting on two extra stitches, knitting the first stitch on my needle, and slipping the last one purl-wise.  One can also casting on four extra stitches (two on each side) and slipping the first of the two, and knitting the second.)  I might try the second method on the front, and see if I have a preference.


That sweater in landsend looks awesome. Once you knit it, will you make the pattern available for those of us who are not so talented (yet)?

It is a cute sweater Colleen. Better luck this time. It sounds like you are much more inspired with this sweater, the last one was just an alternated to the cabled sweater you'd wanted to do. I can't wait to see how far you are by Sunday. How did the Softwist hold up to ripping?

Yes! The "golden glow" confirms you did the right thing. :0

I saw that sweater as well and thought the same exact thing!


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