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I'm participating in one of the Wednesday Workshops at Circles this week.  It's about finishing.  My finishing skills are so-so, and it's one area where I need to improve.   I figure if Allison taught me how to re-size a pattern using (gulp) my rusty old algebra she can just about teach me how to do anything--even make an invisible seam.
There's homework for this class.  Two complete swatches--for seaming, and one half-done swatch still on the needles for binding off.  I sat down and created one swatch yesterday.  I used some old Jack Frost yarn that I got in at P1010066a yarn swap.  Four ounces of knitting worsted, 100 percent wool, that someone originally purchased at Kings for--drumroll--$.69.  Yep, that's sixty-nine US cents!  There hasn't been a Kings store open in 25 years, at least, so you can guess how long this yarn has been stashed.

I worked out my favorite selvage method with this swatch.  Vogue Knitting has a slew of selvage techniques; each has a specific purpose.  For a nice seaming edge, I prefer the slip-stitch method on page 195 of my 2002 edition of VK.  Cast on two extra stitches, and if you knit continental (what the book calls German) knit across, before the last stitch, bring the yarn in front, and slip the last stitch purl-wise.  On the second row, purl the stitch you just slipped, work across until the last stitch.  Bring the yarn to the yarn to the back and slip the last stitch purl-wise.  Back to the right side and knit the stitch you just slipped.  Continue this way until you finish whatever it is that you're knitting.  This selvage also makes picking up stitches easier.  Good to know.  Or, P1010055_1gut zu wissen  :-).

I also finished another mini-hat.  I think this one might be a prototype for other wizard hats, because I'm not thrilled with the overall shape.  The colors are cool, though.


I learned how to do a new button hole this past weekend. That coupled with all of your tips is inspiring me to work on technique a bit more! Let me know how the finishing class is. I considered taking it but was short on cash.


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