Matt's Hat(t)

There was more knitting on the hat this weekend.  Ah, the simple joy of knitting in the round!  This thing is just flying off my needles.  I'm just about to start the decreases at the top.P1010005_7

I thought it would take me until after Christmas to finish the hat, but maybe I can get it done today at Knitsmiths.  If I do, Matt can model those earflaps when he comes to fetch me.

It would seem as if I'll have at least a skein of the Gatsby left over.  Hmm, I wonder if Matt wants matching mittens, or a sharp little neckwarmer for days when he doesn't want to wear his Harry Potter scarf.


Matt has a HP scarf?! How cool. The hat is looking great. Fingers crossed that we all get to see him try it on tonight! :)


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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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