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Shopping for fabric in Boston means shopping in Chinatown.  If you know where to look, there's a lot of great fabric to be had for little money.  Here are three stores to try.

P10100032Clement Fabrics, 80 Bedford Street ("behind" the Hyatt).  Mostly dressmaking fabrics, some upholstery bolts, and many remnants.  There is a small section of sewing supplies and notions.  It's always worth a browse if you're looking for something, because you never know what you might find.

P10100181Van Fabric Discount Sale Co., 14-16 Beach Street.  Beautiful silks and dressmaking fabrics for the serious seamstress.  No notions or other supplies, but if you need a Buddha figurine to go with the clothes you just made, this is the place to shop.

P1010009Winmil Fabrics, 111 Chauncy Street.  There's dressmaking fabric (both plain and fancy), upholstery and home decorating fabric, calicoes, all sorts of notions and supplies, patterns, and instruction books.  If you sew in Boston, then you need to know about this place.

ChauncyNew Englanders are famous for mentioning what no longer exists in a particular location.  Many of us start driving directions byP10100081 saying something like "Remember where Lechmeres used to be?"  [Be honest: do you miss still miss Lechmere?  How many of you called it "Lechmeres" like I did?]  So here goes.  At the intersection of Harrison Avenue and Chauncy Street, there was a great fabric shop.  Mostly upholstery, but some dressmaking and light cotton remnants.  While taking this photo, I noticed the absolutely fabulous colonial-revival entrance at this building.  Did you notice the carved stone around the entrance?  Wowza!  Don't see too many of these in this part of town.  Too bad that the origininal doors have obviously been replaced.

P10100201I found the corduroy at Winmil.  I wish that the wale wasn't as small as this, but beggars can't be choosers.  The color matches quite well. I think.


Yes, I miss LechmereS. :)

Is there anywhere in Boston to buy yards of fleece fabric? I have a friend working in antarctica (I hate spelling that word!) and wanted to send a blanket. I don't have a car so something accessible on foot or by T would be perfect. Thanks!

I really miss North End Fabrics. That was in China Town also, on the corners of Harrison and Beech Sts. (I worked there for a fwe years, and have missed it ever since.)
Now I take the T out to Lechmere. There is a place called Sew-Lo, or So-Lo. It's ok. A very cramped little place, but better than the other shops left in town.
Really, fabrics inBoston are so hard to find. One nice this is that Windsor Button now sells yarns. Wolcott in Harvard Square is great.


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