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I became the owner of a Palm Tungsten E on Palm_1Christmas Day.  I promised myself that 2004 would be the last Filofax year, after a frustrating hunt for a particular type of refill, and two attempts at online ordering.  I was without a calendar for a week, waiting for the shipment to arrive.  Some would say that all this Palm stuff is an overreaction; nobody really needs an electronic calendar.  I can hear them now.  "And that's all you'll ever use it for anyway."

Au contraire!  (It was the week-in-four-languages Filofax refil I couldn't find last year.)  Did you know that there's lots of knitting software you can load on to you PDA?  Ever stand there in the yarn shop thinking "Now, what gauge was that pattern in, and how many yards (or meters) of yarn do I need?  Don't I have a size 5 needle already?"  Sure, sure I could keep a list on paper of all this stuff.  But, it's hard to update that on the go.  Perhaps a handheld, loaded with my yarn inventory and needle collection, will be the solution.

There's even a Yahoo! Group for PDA knitters.  It will take a lot of reading and researching do decide which (if any) of the applications to download.  As a start, I created a quickie Excel spreadsheet for my needles.  Before I go crazy downloading lots of software, let me see what I will actually need (or use).

I'd love to hear about any readers' experiences (good, bad, or otherwise) with knitting applications of PDAs.


I have palm-envy!

Oh, cool... I didn't realize there was palm software for knitters (silly me... I didn't even think to look).

I have been using my PDA for knitting, though. I can copy a pattern from the computer to a memo, and as I do a row, I make a tick mark... that way I can keep track of where I am in the pattern.

And you're right that PDA's are more than just calendars.

First off, the calendars can be filtered (I use DateBk 5, and I can set up filters to let me look at just my schedule, all my family's schedules, just TV shows I want to watch or record to watch later. (Also, you can have the software search for things, rather than you flipping through pages trying to remember where it is).
So, even the calendar is more useful than a paper one.

Plus, I have extra software for the address book that lets me include family members and birthdays (linked to the calendar!), plus loads of extra information for each person I enter.

And, grocery shopping (or all kinds of other list making)... if you haven't checked out the FREEware program HandyShopper, you really should. It's a must have.

I also use my PDA for a journal, keeping passwords, reading scriptures, and so much more.

And, I don't lose it the way I do notes taken on papers... not to mention how much less space it takes up than all the papers such notes would take up.

Enjoy your palm!

How are you enjoying your new Palm? I am thinking about buying the same model and would love to hear (or read blog updates!) about what you think of it.

Ooh, I just got a PalmZire 31 and I am in love. I posted a picture of it on my blog today, lol! I didn't know about the yahoogroup though--thanks! So far I haven't downloaded any knitting software, but as I'm learning how all my other programs work, I am thinking of ways to use them for my knitting projects/organizing/etc.

Just found your blog through NE knits--I'll check back!

i just found your blog. Thanks for the tip on the knitting software for the PDA. Some of them are new to me. I'm also a proud owner of a PDA (Sony Clie). I use it for *EVERYTHING*.


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