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I cannot deny that no yarn purchases occured last weekend.  Once again, the purchasing was not BY me, but FOR me--sort of.  As we were walking by A Good Yarn on Sunday, Matt said "If it's not too much trouble, and if it won't interfere with your knitting schedule, I think that I'd like a hat with earflaps."

P1010075As a final touch he offered to buy all the supplies, if I'd do the knitting.  That sealed it!  Into A Good Yarn we went to choose the yarn and the pattern.  HeP1010077_edited did a pretty good job, don't you think?  This Classic Elite Gatsby was hidden at the bottom of a rack, and I would have missed it entirely.  The pattern is less of a pattern and more of one long equation that allows for total flexibility in size, shape, and gauge.  This should be fun to work with.

While he was browsing for his hat, I was drooling over some Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran.  I felt it knit up in a sample sweater (with cables, mind you), and it was so soft and cosy feeling.  A sweater in this must happen, soon!

The very capable Johanna made sure that I didn't leave the store with too much yarn (I tend to overestimate).  "Are you sure there's enough even with the earflaps?" Matt asked.  This guy wants his flaps!


Check out my blog...that is what happened to me with my son #1! The hat turned out cool, but I want to do another one that is a little longer. Wild.

I like the idea of a hat recipe rather than a pattern -- what a great way to use all kinds of yarns!

Yes, dear, the flaps are key. You can't even get close to that wacky-aviator look without them.


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