Knit and Learn

I finished knitting the pocket linings last night, with no time to experiment with fabric liningPockets Good thing, too, because I don't have the fabric yet.  Notice a difference between the two?  Yup, that would be because there is a difference.  The pocket slits were knit differently on each side of the coat.  When knitting the left front I interpreted the pattern one way, and then when I got to the same part on the right front I said "Hmmm, I wonder if that meant..." [Alert readers of this blog will notice a similarity here to my abilities with sewing patterns.]  So, I knit each side a different way.

Now, a curious reader might ask "Why did you switch half way? Why not knit the second side the same as the first? Wouldn't that have looked better?"

In hindsight, that would have been a better choice.  Why I knit them differently is a mystery.  On the outside of the jacket, however, the slight difference in the slant of each pocket opening is not noticeable.  At least next time I'll remember not to do that.  Oh well.  Knit and learn [seems like I should have learned that one a long time ago :-)].

This just in: Merriam Webster, the dictionary publisher based in Springfield, Massachusetts, released the top ten list of most searched-for terms on its website.  Want to know what number one is?


What a fun link! I love that the words really reflect our lives for the past year. How interesting.


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