Itty Bitty Knitty

Johanna started it with her angel.  Alison is doing it with the mini-Weasleys, and now Dava has some darling little hats.  Cute Christmas mini-knits are everywhere, and I couldn't say no.  I grabbed some yarn leftovers and some double-pointed needles, and away to Starbucks I went.

P1010003_1A few hours, and one cup of coffee later, I had this:P1010006_1

Shameless imitator that I am, it's a striped mini-hat.  Following Dava's instructions, I cast on 28 stitches, joined the ends, and knit as I saw fit.  I mixed in a few stripes along the way, and when I felt it was tall enough I decreased about every other row until I could cinch off the top.  While working the little thing I discovered a good way for me to hold DPNs: the needle with the to-be-worked stitches should be on top of the other needles.  Who knew working with DPNs could be so satisfying?  Can socks be far behind?P1010005_3

As soon as I got home, I immediately cast on for another one.  They're so much fun; I can't resist making a few more.

Have you seen the new issue of Knitty?  Look at that fabulous cowl/hood on the cover.  Mmmm.  That looks warm and toasty.  And, if this isn't our very own Alison!  Way to go!


How did I not know you had started a blog? Oh, I am so out of knitsmiths touch! I WILL go back. Really!
Love the stripey hat! :)

So cute! It's just too much fun making these wee little things, isn't it?!


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