I finished my homework

P1010016_1I finished my homework for the finishing workshop at Circles: two swatches and one long swatch still on the needles (for bind offs).  I'm ready for class tonight :-).

Building on one of Bonne Marie's posts last week (9th December), I tried the soak-in-Dawn-then-use-conditioner-in-the-rinse trick for the swatches.  This wool was scratchy.  I assumed it was simply low-quality fiber, but then later I wonder if a little TLC would help.

Well, if this were a scientific journal, I could report that I confirmed Bonne Marie's results in my knitting lab.  I washed, I soaked, I conditioned, I rinsed (a little).  The dried swatches feel softer than the wool still on the needles.  They probably would have been softer still if I didn't have to rinse them (used too much conditioner).

P1010005_4 Has there been any progress on the cardigan lately?  Yes, there has.  The back is coming along nicely.  Here are the latest modifications:

To begin the waist shaping I used the SSK left-leaning decrease on the right side, and the K1, Sl1, psso right-leaning decrease on the left side.  I didn't see that one decrease would have been preferable over another, so I used two techniques that I don't often use, just to do something different.  Must have some variety!P1010010_1

After finishing the decreases I knit straight for two inches (12 rows, ending on a wrong side row).  The next row began the increases, (once at the beginning and end of every fourth row, five times) to return the back's width to 19.5 inches.  I wanted the increases to be almost invisible, and I chose a lifted increase (knit into the back of the stitch below the next stitch, then knit the next stitch).

The morning darkness makes it impossible to get a decent photo of this piece with the camera that I own.  [Humor me here and let me pretend that this situation has absolutely nothing to do with my photography skills.]  Short of assembling my own photo studio in the condo ("Hey! What are these lights doing in here?  Where's the furniture?") I'll have to live with the dark results--sorry!


Wow, the soak and condition trick really worked!? I'll have to try that with some of my knits. I've got a sweater that either needs to get softer, or it's next for the frog pond! Thanks for sharing the experiment.

Oh, that's exciting that the soaking worked. I'm going to have to do it for my dad's scarf. It's super scratchy. He's a wool man, so I'm not too worried about it but I would like it to be a bit softer.


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