Hat's off (and running!)

Here's the progress on Matt's hat:P1010005_5

The first earflap I finished on my way to work, and the second was mostly done on the train home.   This is subway knitting at its best.

This hat is fun knittin'.  The pattern, More Hats that Fit by Nancy Lindberg, is great.  I love the concept.  Take any yarn, any gauge, your favorite sized needles and away you go!  You do all of the math up front, so when it comes time to follow the pattern, you're just plugging in numbers.

The Classic Elite Gatsby was a good choice for a hat yarn; it's very soft.  I do not think, however, that it would stand up to much frogging.

I hope Matt enjoys the hat half as much as I'm enjoying knitting it.


I'm sure Matt is relieved to see that you started with the earflaps! ;0) And I hope we're going to get a finished photo of the man in his hat. Please, pretty please....

What a great hat! Love the yarn choice, too.

Just wanted to say thanks for your "technical assistance" sidebar. It has helped me twice since I started reading your blog! Also, I finally added you to my Cool Knitblogs. I procrastinate terribly, don't I.

hi i like the hat you knit for mat -where can i get the pattern you used -More Hats that Fit by Nancy Lindberg- thnks


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