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Matthat1_2 Matt's hat is done!  As luck would have it, Matt stopped by Knitsmiths a few minutes after I finished knitting and weaving in the ends of the hat.  Hot off the needles, he was able to try it on his head.  Whoops, it was too long!

A few of us went back and forth about how we thought it looked. Matt was off to do some errands, so I told him to wear the hat and see what he thought.  It would be easy to remove about an inch or two from below the decreases and work back up.

Matthat2Returning home, that's exactly what I did.  The hat will stretch a little with wear, so I didn't want it to start out too large.  I think the look is much better now.  Of Matt's look in the photos, he told me he was going for "manly, yet goofy poses" (tee, hee).  What do you think?


Ooh, the hat looks so much better now. It was a bit too long. I'm glad that it was so easy to shorten it some. Are you sure that Matt likes it though? I've never seen him look so mean!

Hey, great job! That one little inch did make a difference didn't it? Was Matt trying to look intimidating for the big blog debut? We know better! ;0)

Excellent work! I need to make one of those for my husband...except he wants his to look like a Cleveland Browns helmet. Wierd-o ;)

Looks better...nice job!

that's does indeed look better...but i think the "model" would probably look good with a paper bag on his head...let's see...

I love it! Great job!


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