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I sat down with my needles last night and I finished the cardigan back.  Who-hoo!Cardiback

This project has got me thinking.  What with the official change of the season, I think a little change in knitting strategy is due.  While I am enjoying this cardigan, and plan to finish it, I can feel the sweater enthusiasm waning temporarily.  There are a few patterns out there I'd like to knit like this, or this.  Realistically, I think I have time this winter for only one more sweater before there isn't a lot of sweater weather remaining.   Don't worry there's lots of time to knit them.

Matt's hat reminded me of the benefits of the small project.  So, I'm declaring this a Small Project Winter!   I could use a few more pairs of mittens, a hat or two, and perhaps a new scarf.  Here's my chance to try new yarns, and maybe even pick up a few skeins on sale.

I'm still mad for cables, so my first project in the series will be a cabled hat or headband.  Then, we'll be on to some mittens.   Oooh, I'm so excited.


I agree with you on the small project thing! There is much to be learned through the small projects. I made Nakeisha as a gift - great pattern, you'll love it!

Ooooo, fun to be linked! And guess what? I'm making Nakiska right now too (at my work desk, even, what with the holiday deadline and the un-busy office). Here's to small projects ~ and happy holidays!

Don't you love the Giraffe on Knitty and that headband!!

Here's a third vote for Nakiska. I made one for myself last winter and I just finished another for my mom for Christmas (pictures to be posted after gift is given). I love the pattern and love the yarn even more!


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