Sweater Saga

About the middle of last May, my grandmother and I went to the big tent sale at Webs. Among other things, we each purchased ten skeins of Adriafil Pineapple yarn, a small gauge white cotton ribbon with a viscose netting wrapped around it. The yarn came with patterns, and we both selected the cropped cardigan. My grandmother’s would be in turquoise, and mine would be in gray.

Grandma’s cardi was done in, like, two weeks; it was gorgeous. Mine, however, was another story. I started it in August and I soon realized that I just didn’t like working with this yarn. The netting caught constantly on the needles and broke. Frogging resulted in a massive tangle of the netting. This was definitely a one-off yarn. August turned into September, and September to October. No FO. I began to call this my Hallelujah Cardigan, as in “Hallelujah! I’ve finished it.”

To make matters worse, I RAN OUT OF YARN. My grandmother told me that she’d used a lot more yarn than the pattern called for (pattern called for 7, GM said she went into the 10th.) I had an idea that I’d be close. With the button bands and collar left to do I scrounged around eBay looking for a ball.

Mission accomplished, thanks to a nice knitter from Kansas. The extra ball was even the same dye lot! No stopping me now: button bands, collar, seaming, and hallelujah! I finished it. All that remained was the button selection.


P1010002Circles to the rescue, where I found these extremely cute lady-bug pewter buttons.

Although I disliked working with the yarn (and it’s been discontinued, so I was not  the only one.) I’m happy with the result, and look forward to wearing this in the spring.

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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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