Sew ready for a break

I know how to sew, but don't do it often.  Sewing is not as convenient an activity as knitting for the obvious reason that the activity requires a dedicated workspace.  As you know, one can knit almost anywhere, at anytime (subway, anyone?)  Sewing takes a bit more planning because one needs to haul out the machine, lay out the fabric, iron those seams. Well, you get the picture.

Sew what? I ask.  A few months ago, Leigh of Woolflowers posted a picture of the  Rural Messenger BagClmessenger_2  from Amy Butler.  I loved it!  And I decided then and there that I, too, would have one.  But I had three knitting projects in the pipeline.  I tucked the project into my "To Do" folder, and kept on trucking.

When it became obvious to me that my wrist needed a break from the knit/purl routine, an opportunity opened up. So, a few clicks of the mouse later, I had the pattern from Reprodepot Fabrics, in nearby Easthampton, MA.  A few more clicks at the Glorious Color site and I had my fabrics: Sundahlias Marketumbrellas Completebag_1

Hmmm. The picture from Amy's site shows that these fabrics coordinate (look to the right.)

I'll be sew relieved when the pieces arrive and I can see them for myself.


I love it - post number one and you started right away with the bad puns. Excellent! ;0) Great fabric, by the way. That's going to be one beautiful bag.


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