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So, what's next for Subway Knitter, when the Madison Coat is done?  You all know about my Rural Messenger Bag. I'm still waiting for the fabric to arrive from Pennsylvania.  Once that's "in the bag"--sorry, couldn't resist, what can my needles anticipate?

This morning I took a browse through my stash cabinet.  Truth be told I keep a very small stash.  I don't buy yarn "on spec" simply because all that yarn sitting around, begging to be worked would become overwhelming.  Suddenly knitting would become a lot less enjoyable.

SoftwistI do have two bags of Berroco's Softwist Bulky.  Do you know Berroco? (Heh, that rhymed.)  Great yarn and great pattern support, too.  A good blue-state yarn company that deserves more credit than it gets.  (More about my blue-state shopping idea in a later post.)  The company is based in Uxbridge, Massachusetts, in a part of the state which I've always referred to as "nowhere Central Massachusetts."  But, hey, if it's got Berroco, it can't be all bad, right?  Right.  What was I thinking?

What I'd forgotten about in the six months since I bought these yarns was their colorways.  Both are a lot deeper and richer than I'd remembered--especially the drabby, khaki one.  For some completely unknown reason I'd remembered it as a mint green.

Does that change my project planning?  Probably.  I notice that I seldom decide upon a project, let the yarn age for a while, and then return to it with the same project in mind.  Originally, I had a cardigan planned for the khaki, and this for the turquoise stuff.

But just last week I saw BPT from Knitty, Fall 2003.  "Hmm," I thought.  "It's a hoodie, like the other pattern, but it's got CABLES, unlike the other pattern. I like cables."  Any knitters out there think cables are the big scam of the knitting world?  They're so gosh-darn easy, and they look so difficult.  On top of it all, there fun to do, breaking up what might be miles and miles of stockinette.

No more calls, please, we have a winner!  I might need to adjust the gauge, and see if the Softwist will look okay with a cable.  Details, details.  More later on the khaki package.


Very pretty yarn. I think BPT would look great in it. It's a cool pattern. Do you have that Berrocco pattern already? I'd love to get a better look at it. It looks cozy and simple and there's no cables (miles and miles of stockinette make me happy!).

Hey, thanks for all the comments and the link. I have the pattern book already, and I saw a sample sweater--it does look nice and cozy. I'll bring it to knitsmiths.


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