One down, one to go

P1010031 One of the two remaining steps to my Madison Coat is finished.P1010033   The cords and toggles are attached, so the coat can stay closed.  I'm happy with the look.  I do wonder if the cords are too long.  If they are, I've left myself the ability to shorten them by not clipping the yarns after I tied them into the coat.  If the toggles stay closed during the first few wearings, then I can safely make those cuts.

There was an article about Webs in the Springfield, Mass. Sunday Republican yesterday.  Apparently, the expansion is complete.  I might just have to make a trip up there soon to see the results.


We missed you yesterday! Great job on the buttons. Hey, I wanna go to Webs too. We should do a Knitsmiths' field trip!

That would be a lot of fun, maybe for the after Christmas sale.

I love the buttons for your jacket. They fit the character pefectly.

As for a trip to WEBS, I'd love to go! What a great way to start off 2005 and spend some holiday money!

I stumbled on your blog today, way to go. It's looking great. See you at Knitsmiths.

Hi, just found your comment in my blog and came to see what you're up to. -This looks just gorgeous, I love the colours and like someone just said, the buttons are just the thing to add. Great!


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