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Madison_2Just in time for the cold weather, I present my Madison Coat.  The only items missing are pocket linings and fasteners (so I'm only pretending to put my hands in my pockets so that the coat stays closed.)  The photograph on the pattern shows an elaborate kind of knitted button, but not clearly enough so that I can figure out how to make one.  [Ignore the background of this photo.  I snagged a colleague for a furtive photo shoot while no one was looking.  We couldn't be too picky about the setting.]

What I'd love to find are smaller-gauge versions of these three yarns (again, I'm using Tahki’s Soho Tweed, Jamieson’s Soft Shetland, and  Manos del Uruguay)  so that I could make attach matching i-cord loops and use giant toggle buttons.  Since that's not about to happen, I'll have to improvise a cord.  Triple stranded i-cord will be too bulky, and might not be very durable in the long term.  I still like the giant-toggle idea, and I know exactly where to find them: Windsor Button.

WinbutGood thing that my office is mere steps from the region's button emporium.  I can also buy yarn there for the pocket linings.  [Don't let the name fool you.  Windsor Button is not just buttons.]  The pattern suggests a knitted lining, which will be fine for the pocket's form.  I think, however, that I'd better line that with fabric, so that keys and whatnot are less likely to slip through a hole, and the entire pocket will last longer.

Stay tuned for the shopping results.


Hooray, the Madison coat makes it's first appearance at work! And it's first trip to Windsor Button. Sniff, sniff. Happy day. ;0) Looks great!

The Windsor Coat looks great on you. Congratulations on the new blog! :)

The coat is great...What a great project. I've seen a few of these floating around Circles but have yet to see a finished project. Congrats.


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