Look What I Got

...at Knitsmiths last night!  I couldn't resist such a bright spot of color for a Monday morning.  Dava had these canvas bags printed with fabulously bright vintage  advertisements from India. P1010007 I'm sorry, I wish I knew precisely in which language the advertisement is written.  The resident expert around these parts tells me that it's probably Hindi, even though the bag mentions Chennai--formerly Madras--where the principal language is Tamil.

Wow, so much information for a Monday morning.   Now I have a medium canvas bag to go with my extra-large canvas bag and my small canvas bag.  Except that I think my new one is much cooler than the other ones.

Before you continue any further, have you looked at the Knitsmithy today?  Head on over, if you haven't done so already.  My fellow Knitsmiths are one amazing lot of knitters.  I find the creativity inspiring, and I always leave there thinking "must knit."

P1010005_2This bag will be great for hauling around my pattern books, or a large project, such as the all-but-finished Madison Coat.  Yes, the body is done.  No, I'm not photogenic enough this early on a Monday morning to model it.  Patience, my readers, the photo will come.


The language on the bag is in Hindi. It says Nova Tea. Extra stong, better taste.


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(Viva Knitsmiths South!)

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