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Last Sunday, I spotted a new knitting magazine at the Barnes and Noble in Coolidge Corner.  Vogue Knitting has apparently launched a new publication in conjuntion with Lion Brand Yarn.  Knit.1 is small, about the size of a Reader's Digest, and contains little tidbits of knitting information, along with some basic patterns.  There's a website, but it's not yet functioning (although it does have a funky knitting animation). Let's just call it "Vogue Knitting Lite." The patterns looked so-so to me; nothing really stood out as a must-knit.  It seemed less like a magazine and more like a puff-piece for Lion Brand Yarn.  I didn't buy it, because it seemed like more of an advertisement than a knitting magazine.

I'm keeping an eye out, however, for future issues.  Maybe Vogue will dig up a different yarn company to sponsor each new issue.  It could be an opportunity for designers to apply yarns more creatively than a company's normal pattern leaflets.  That might be interesting.

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