Knitting Grandma

My grandmother is a champion knitter. She could knit circles around the rest of us, and still have time for a cabled sweater or two. I don’t mean to imply that she is only a fast knitter (which she is) she is also a very creative woman with a great color sense.

Take this scarf, for example.Lloyd  It’s made from one skein of Plymouth Eros, and one skein of Berroco’s FX yarns (I can’t remember which, exactly, but it looks like Jewel FX.) When she bought the yarns I remember thinking that the colors didn’t match very well. My grandmother knows what she’s doing in the color department, so I kept quiet. Of course, I was completely wrong (pretty good for me that I said nothing, eh?) The colors match perfectly, and the scarf looks wonderful with a blue blouse that I have. Lucky granddaughter that I am, she decided to give it to me.

Thanks Grandma!

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