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P10100031Back to some light subway knitting, I'm beavering away at the pocket linings.  A thought occurred to me, however, that I should ditch the pattern at this point, and simply knit two large rectangles to attach to the inside of the coat.  The triangle-shaped pocket will not be difficult to create, but the jacket's row gauge was off from the pattern just oh-so-slightly, and I wonder if the pocket lining might not fit right with the pocket opening if I shape it as the pattern suggests.  Since I won't be able to put much in these pockets (a set of keys, my T pass, etc.) the shaping won't matter all that much anyway.

I'm planning to line the entire pocket with fabric, and a colleague has given me a fabulous idea of using rust-colored corduroy.

That's enough about me.  Have you seen the latest Magknits newsletter?  Cruise on over to Kerrie's blog to have a look.  There are three great patterns available, just in case you need more to do at this time of year.


Oh my gosh, that second pattern is so cute (the mittys attached to the scarf). Go on to her Web site. It's great!

I have a down coat with the pockets made from *flannel!* Another forehead-smacking idea that, when I first stuck my hand in there, made me go, "BRILLIANT!" Corduroy would be sturdier, but flannel or velour would take the cake in the comfort department. (p.s. Congrats on your blog! It's fun!)

Just a quick check.


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