Fabric Friday

Look what arrived for me in the mail: my Amy Butler fabric for the Rural Messenger Bag.  Much to my relief, the prints do coordinate, in a wild sort of way.Bigflower Umbrellas  The fabric is lighter than I'd hoped it would be, but if it were much heavier, my machine probably couldn't handle it.  I might try some interfacing, to see if that might give the bag more stiffness.

Washer_3 So, into the washer they go (note that you can actually see the fabric swishing around in this photo).

Now for the ironing and cutting:

I'll spare you photos of me wielding scissors.  Use your imagination.

After cutting out the pieces, I have one critique of this pattern.  It's not a complete pattern!  For $12.95 I received only three out of five required pieces, and the assembly instructions.  Additionally, the assembly instructions lacked the usual cutting schematic so that you know how to lay out the pieces on the fabric.  I created the two missing pattern pieces on paper according to dimensions provided by Amy.  These were intentionally omitted, because there were instructions about the best way to create the pieces.  Why did she leave out these items?  They were rectangles, just like the others.  The pieces that were included were obviously photocopied Magic Marker drawings with computer labels.  Not very difficult to do, yet there I was with my ruler and pencil making a pattern.  Am I crazy for thinking that I paid someone else to do that?  Nope.  Especially when the back cover of the envelope says "Instructions, measurements, and PATTERN PIECES for making a Rural Messenger Bag."  Was I wrong to expect ALL the pieces to be in there?

Pieces_cut_2 You've been warned, and Amy will hear about this too.

Anyway, that's all done.  Let's hope the sewing instructions don't suffer from any obvious omissions.


Cool fabric-in-the-washer photo! Had you heard anything specific about the Amy Butler patterns before - is this typical? How annoying!


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