Attack of the Giant Toggle

When I say that Windsor Button has buttons, I mean that it has buttons.P1010017_1Just about every type of button imaginable can be found among those pull-out cubbies against the wall.  There were a few times when I thought "Design a cardigan around that button."  Almost like that stupid faucet commercial (for Kohler?), where the woman plunks down a faucet and saysP1010018 something like "design a house around this."  As if.  I think Claudia mentioned this same commercial in her blog a few months ago, and Julia blogged about her 1954 Kohler sink on Tuesday.  I have nothing against Kohler.  Any kitchen sink that can last 50 years and still look presentable must be one heck of a good sink. 

I digress.  If the store hadn't been so busy I would have photographed a few of the more unusual ones.  Since I didn't do that, go in there for a browse and decided for yourself which buttons are "unusual."  The selection can overwhelm the casual button seeker, but yesterday I needed something very specific.Toggles_1

I was not disappointed....

I also purchased a skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky for the pocket linings.  I decided that I should buy a basic yarn for the linings, which will probably see a lot of wear and tear.

The cord to loop around the toggle remains a challenge.  I didn't see any cords that were the right color, except drapery ties.   Nope, those wouldn't look right.

Later in the day, it hit me: crochet those cords.  A ha!  Why didn't I think of that before?  Well,P1010011_1 probably because I don't know how to crochet.  It's another project on my to-do list.  Last summer, my grandmother gave me this Bernat how-to booklet, copyright 1970.  I'm all set to be a hooker, thanks to my grandma.

Incidentally, in 1970, Bernat listed an office in Uxbridge, Massachusetts--just like Berroco.  These days the company is solely based in Listowel, Ontario.  The booklet which I have carries on as a website

Perfect.  Now I have a little project to prevent me from loafin' around the house all week.  Stay tuned for results.

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