A new blog!

Good day, and welcome to my blog.  I was at Knitsmiths  tonight listening to all the talk about blogs.  "That's it!" I said to myself, time to get into the action.   I've said this to myself for about eight months, so I don't know what was so different about tonight.  Ironically, I had decided last week that I actually have to take a break from knitting for a week or so.  My latest project, the Madison Coat from Chris Bylsma Designs has been a killer on my right wrist.....

Pictures soon.


Thanks for sharing your blog with us chicks. It's actually the first blog I've ever viewed. You're bringing me into the modern world. Plus, I love the extra perspective on your knitting projects, and like the design/typography and layout of your blog. Maybe I'll help my son start one when we ever get a broadband connection. Sounds like it might be a good project for him.

Hello, Colleen.

I just stumbled across an article in the Washington Post that noted your blog and came to visit. I'm SO glad I did. I'm a Bostonian living in Fairfax, Virginia, so I'm always open to things/ stuff/ events/ etc. from home. I look forward to spending a rainy Sunday afternoon reading your archives.



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